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Bathroom Lock/Privacy Lever Handle on Plate Quick Guide

Privacy on backplate: Follow steps 1 to 7 only. Remember when you get to step 5 rather than using the lock you would be using just a normal tubular latch.

  1. Locate the spindle through the top hole in the lock and then place the backplates onto the spindle bar each side of the door.
  2. Using the backplates as a guide, mark screw holes with a bradawl.
  3. Remove backplates and spindle bar.
  4. Drill the pilot holes for wood screws.
  5. Fit the backplate locating the spindle through the square follower in the door lock. Ensure that there is enough projection of spindle on either side.
  6. Tighten the grub screws where applicable to secure spindle to the levers.
  7. Screw wood screws in place when aligned.
  8. Ensure correct bathroom lock is fitted to take 5mm spindle bar and that door has been drilled to receive the fitting.
  9. Thumb turn and release mechanisms are fitted using the grub screw and allen key provided, simply tighten to secure.

Please note. Privacy latch handles work alongside a normal tubular latch handle and do not require a bathroom mortise lock. The handle works by blocking the latch from being pulled down when in the lock position.